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For the past Mother’s Day weekend, I was very excited to host a party for my lovely lady friends and their beautiful girls. All my friends loved the decorations throughout the tea party table so I decided to write a blog post about how I styled it with my favorite theme.

As you may have noticed, the color palette I chose for the party was inspired from Kate Spade, one of my favorite US designers. I am so much in love with the different layers of pink, fuchsia, golden, black & white with polka dots, strips and beaded rim,  Everything in this room was lively, feminine and fun!

The look of the tea menu was designed accordingly. Isn’t it cute?

Here is the menu if you are looking for some ideas! Simply print it out on a card stock paper and then attach to a pink construction paper.

Picking the right candles to go with the party theme is always my must-do. Having the beautiful aroma lingering around the room just creates soothing and romantic ambiance for my friends. For the spring tea party I chose Honey Suckle from Bath Body Works. I love the blend of sweet peony scent and the creamy vanilla!

For the the dining table setting, I had Kate Spade napkins folded in bow shape, the Kate Spade table runner, the heart-shaped tea cup sets, home-made pink peony center piece, pink taper candles and my favorite golden flatware set from Olivia & Oliver.

Here is the list of party supplies:

Kate Spade Larabee Pink Dot Napkins from Macy’s 

Kate Spade Augusta Drive Table Runner from Bed Bath & Beyond 

Heart-Shaped Tea & Coffee Cups with Saucers Set from Amazon

Olivia & Oliver Madison Flatware Set from Bed Bath & Beyond

Beaded Napkin Ring from Bed Bath & Beyond

For the party favors, I picked fragrant body mist from Bath Body Works, and a fresh red rose for each of my lady friend.

The party food!

I made 2 types of tea sandwiches for the party, the smoke salmon with avocado sauce, and tuna with cucumber and mayo. They are beautifully served in the marble serving platter stand which I got from a local store. I have been using this stand for all my parties and it’s always been a highlight on the serving table!

The tea sandwiches, however, are relatively short on the stand, so I decorated each tier with a spare tea cup filled with silk flowers in order to visually balance the hight.

For the fruit cups,  I arranged assorted fruits with different colors in the small clear cups to create an inviting look. I also added a mint leaf to each cup to bring in more freshness.

This beautiful fruit arrangement was brought to the party by my friend! I placed in the center of the serving table. It’s definitely a piece of statement on its own!

Sausage on pretzel sticks. All my party experience has taught me that anything on sticks are popular with kids! Yes they were completely gone within 10 mins, and one of the little girls was begging her mom to make the same snacks at home for her.

My favorite party cake: Coconut Poke Cake in Punch Bowl. I don’t remember how many times I’ve been making this cake so far, but every time I brought it to the party, it was a hit! It’s especially popular with my Asian friends since it’s so moist, airy, creamy and less sweet comparing to most of American deserts. I will share the recipe soon!

There were other party food such as store-bought chocolate mousse cake, macarons, Orio cookies, candies and popcorns in the cups. They were all arranged nicely on the serving table. My friends and I were all having a great time!

Hope you have found some useful ideas here for your next party! Don’t forget to PIN your favorite pictures on Pinterest!

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