In our staging concepts, using correct theme color is the key to a successful staging job. The theme color pops out as buyers first walk into the house, helps them with recognition and enhances a great impression.

However, most people are afraid of color or making decision to use it, so end up living in boring beige, brown or white boxes. Here I will share with you some design tips about how to stage / decorate with theme colors.

Example project: a single family house in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

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When selecting theme colors for a room, there are several factors to take into consideration. First of all, be practical.

The colors we use in staging design have an impact on the practicality of each space. A bedroom, for example, needs to be calming and restful. A living room can to be inviting and energizing. You might get inspiration of theme colors from your favorite pieces of furniture, a decor, a wall art, or a souvenir from your memorable vacation. 

In this staging project, we searched into our color inventory, taking into consideration existing futures and accessories. We started from a beautiful beige chesterfield sofa, a pair of emerald green armchairs and matching wall arts that complementing everything. 

Secondly, the colors we pick should either coordinate or contrast to create a mood. So you’ll need to decide whether you want it to be harmonious and relaxing, or interesting and dynamic. 

The color palette used in our project: emerald green, burgundy, gold and beige.

Emerald green gives a calm, rich and sophisticated feel, and it suits perfectly in the areas such as living room or dining room because we are trying to create a formal and elegant feel.

Burgundy is stimulating, and thus only used in small doses. We made a beautiful floral arrangement with this color to contrast with emerald green as a focal point on the coffee table.

Gold and beige are complementing colors in the area, and we used different texture such as fur, marble, velvet and ceramic, through out the space.

Last but not the least, let it flow. In this project, since the dining room is connecting to the living room, the same neutral colors are used here to create a flow.

A heavy hardwood dining table with upholstery chairs created an elegant and homey dining ambiance. A large mirror was placed on a long wall to reflect the glam from the chandelier, and also to make the room seem more spacious. The light wooden mirror frame goes perfectly with window sill and the upholstery of dinning chairs.

In order to match the golden chandelier that already existing in the room, we made table setting with golden tone — chargers, napkin rings and scolloped-rim dinner plates.

Floral centerpiece is the focal point right beneath the chandelier, so we hand made floral arrangement specially designed for the room, with inspiration from the wedding ceremony of house owner’s beloved daughter. 

“Always have all my heart and souls into table-setting. That’s what we do at Impressive Home Staging.”

 — Vivian Chen, founder and chief designer of Impressive Home Staging.

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you find it helpful!

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